Monday, 19 November 2012

Forgot to Post This Up

I chanced upon [Manticore] 2 months ago in the marketplace (not sure if it's still there) and was very interested in the mesh products they offer. I got myself these 2, and the vampire one just earlier (which I'll probably post next time) when I visited their main store.

Hat - [D o d i e] Lion Head
Demonic Arms - [LH] Demonic Arms
Pants - ::[BuFu]:: Prod0.7_Mesh_Jeans_UltraCuffs_BLACK (in 5 colors to choose from)
Dragon (attachment) - [Manticore] Obsidian Dragon v2 (Comes in Brimstone and Inferno too)
Cerberus (attachment) -  [Manticore] Red Cerberus v2 (Comes in blue too)


Stealing a quick post before I have to rush off again. 

 Jacket with shirt -  <kal rau> Korea Hoodie Dark 2 [There are 6 colors (7 if you buy the full pack) to choose from with tintable strings and 10 shirt styles. The one shown here is only available if you buy the full pack version ]
Pants - !gO! Mads Pants blue-white
Motorcycle - Prefabrica PFB 999 Zanzo Racing bike
Motorcycle texture - Prefabrica PFB 999 - Zanzo - Textures pack boxed - White

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Waka Waka Eh Eh

And one more before the wife gets cranky again and yells.

22769 Couture had participated in the Around the World event, which you can read more here. It's more or less a gathering to show different cultures from all over the world. 22769 got Africa. If you go to their booth, you can also grab from their shelves their group gift, which is an African-inspired deco set. Go and hurry to their booth. The fair ends on the 29th.

Shirt - 22769 ~ [homme] oversized shirt green stripe (available in black, brown, green, teal) [Men's Dept.]
 Pants - 22769 ~ [homme] Skater Pants Black Corduroy L [Men's Dept.]
Skybox (setting where I took the pics) - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Morocco Skybox (with Diorama)

Shirt - 22769 ~ [homme] oversized shirt desert (available in 6 styles)
Pants - 22769 ~ [homme] Silk Flare Pants Black (available in 5 colors)

Pants - 22769 ~ [homme] slim cut leather jeans brown (available in 4 colors)

Back from the Dead

I'm back. Took a step back from SL partly because RL was demanding and partly because I wanted to spend more time with Tabby out of SL. Came back to SL and saw that a lot has been happening and I have to work double time to catch up.

First up, Christel Morane of Delirium Style was kind enough to name one of the new outfits after me in celebration of working in DS for 2 years now. It's awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Did I mention it's awesome? Because heck yeah! It's awesome.

Outfit (including necklace and boots) -Delirium Style Luc Fray

Second, yeah. I really should get working on posting more stuffs. There's a lot of items that needs to be blogged and if I continue to put it off, I'll lag behind.
Jeans - Kal Rau Skinny Denim Pants (available in 3 sizes and a hud that lets you pick from among 6 colors for the boxers and 4 for the jeans)

Third, just the other day, I added someone in Facebook. Her name was Clary Greymoon *waves*. Granted, it should have been Graymark, but I honestly laughed so hard when I saw her request. Readers of The Mortal Instruments will get what I mean, but no. I've not really heard about TMI series until about 6 months ago and it was not a factor in choosing my name. 

In regards to TMI series, it's actually quite good.  I suppose some are quite sore though because the author of TMI, Cassandra Clare, was, in my understanding, a huge Potter fan, and J.K. Rowling's books had inspired her in writing some of the characters (Draco, Ginny?). The Harry Potter series had raised the bar so high that all the fantasy books that come after it would always be compared to the series. Heck, even Rowling wasn't spared from that with her new book (even if it isn't a children's/young adult's book, much less a fantasy series). I honestly don't know what's the deal. Even Rowling based parts of her series from other books too.

Don't get me wrong, the HP series is excellent, but I think it's unfair to be fixated on just that when there are also other brilliant authors.

Werewolf avatar - [1A] Werewolf Solar (male) [I've bought this a year ago but I thought it'd be fun to show it off for this post. I was looking for a lycan avatar for an RP sim that I've been planning to join but ultimately did not due to a busy sched. I saw the abundance of the whole dark-furred lycans in SL and had been looking for something lighter or not common. It was between Solar or Forest. Solar won because I thought it was fitting for my name]

Finally, if you've got time, check out Maniera Magazine's Men of Fashion issue, page 58.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jackets and Shorts

More new items from [BuFu] very much worth checking out. You can visit their store and take a look around to see more of their new releases.


On Luc:
Jacket - [BuFu]Prod0.7 Falkoty
Shortss - ::[BuFu]::Prod0.7 Short Pants Holder

Something Free

So, the sim where our farm is located had to shut down. Have to find another place to set up a place for the cats. Nothing too big actually. A little parcel would do, and it would really be wonderful if the place isn't laggy. Anybody who knows somewhere that fits that description, please do contact me or Tabby (since she's got the cats with her). Time on SL is very limited at the moment so I can't really jump around looking. Any help given would be much appreciated. \m/

On Luc:
Outfit (bandanna not included) - 22769 Case of Praying Mary hunt gift [You need a HUD (10L) for this hunt; Click on the latter link to know more about it]
Sneakers - Super Kingdom Slip-ons (99L)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rome and Barbarians

And if you're needing some Roleplaying clothes (especially for ancient world sims), then head on over to Swords & Sahara Designs.  They got new group gifts out and lucky board prizes. Group is free to join.

Seriously, their free stuffs are too awesome, they don't even look like something you'd get for 0L.

First two pictures:
Outfit -~S&S~ Batiato (red) [group gift; no join fee]

Last two pictures:
Outfit - ~S&S~ Viking (blue) [lucky board prize]